About me

Hi! I’m Moira and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. A place I’m completely rediscovering through hiking!

Look, I’m a city girl at heart and creepy crawlies of any kind are not my friends!  

My first hike happened completely accidentally! I wanted to see my friend and she suggested a hike.

As part of my personal growth, I’m trying to get rid of self-limiting beliefs. This was a great way to do it and it has brought an amazing life of adventure through hiking my way!

I decided to blog publicly so that I can share my experiences about how I am discovering new things about myself through hiking, connecting with nature, and showing off my beautiful country to the world!

 This is not your same old, same old hiking blog!

I hope that my sharing of these experiences will encourage each other. I hope to encourage, motivate, and connect with those who have such fears and self-limiting beliefs.

I’ve been there, am still there.

Maybe hiking is not for you, but I hope that through my experiences you will find your thing!

 This city girl grew so much through my experiences in nature, and I want to share it with you and hope to inspire you. Hiking took me out of my comfort zone and look at me

 Looking forward to sharing my journey with you and connecting with you! Please drop a comment or message as I love the feedback I’m getting.

Let’s get this journey started!

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