Iron Throne


How time flies when you not having fun😄. I cannot believe this was my first hike in 2023 and it is almost end of February. It is insane how time just go by so quickly these days. Its fabtastic to be back on this platform, I missed sharing my experience and my shenanigans. I got my hiking groove back!

Serenity 🥰

It was the hiker’s dream weather. I was going to hike in my favorite Province; always feels like Hartbeespoort is so far when I say North-West Province. Truth is, it is in another province, but it is not that far from where I live it does not feel like I leave my Province to another. The excitement is always more when I go hike at a new spot. My friend Pumza has told me about this hiking spot late last year and I have been wanting to go. My turn finally came this past Saturday, it was myself and my one Amigo, other Amigos were not available. The place is called Irone Throne Adventure Park. It is a beautiful place with lots of adventure. MTB, Enduro track, Parkrun, Downhill and off course hiking trail. The hiking trail is only 6.7 kilometers, but I can safely say it is not for the first timers. It is 3.4 kilometers going up and about the same going down. As you start hiking it is up the hill all the way, you don’t get to warm up and get into the groove of things. My calves were on fire from the moment we started until top of the mountain.

Just the two of us😊
The stick came in handy
We were somewhere down there in the woods 😄
Full view of the gorgeous Hartbeespoort Dam

As we were hiking, we hiked alongside the cable cars. You can imagine the agony of watching these cable cars going up and down and we were somewhere down in the bush. It was a beautiful site, as tough as it was. The trail was overgrown with green lash and dense bushes – natural free aircon. My lungs and sinuses were very happy. I honestly felt so light throughout the hike. I kept on telling Mansoor how calm I felt, the hike was what the doctor ordered #Onehikeatatime. We came across this car wreckage! and we asked ourselves how it even got there. It was right in the middle of the mountain, weird. We finally got on top and found crossroads, either you turn left or right. We took a snack break. Mansoor even had laundry shenanigans going (do not ask). While we were seating, we watched “free” Eagles show. They were flying right on top of our heads, it was spectacular. There was a sign, but I think because of the wind the signed was pointing to the right. Off course we were supposed to turn left but we turned right. We got hiked for almost 3km before we realised that we are lost because I remember the gentleman at reception said immediately you don’t see cable cars, it means you are lost. We didn’t mind getting lost cause the views were stunning. Such things are expected sometimes on hiking trails, which is why is always important to have someone with you to avoid panic. Especially if you are bad at reading maps me. We turned and re-traced our steps back to the crossroad. Found the way to the top of the mountain. OMG the views from that top were breath taking. There is a pizza restaurant, with lots of outdoor seating with undistracted views of the full Hartbeespoort dam. This is where the cable cars also “lands”.

Before we got lost🤣
We must stop meeting like this😀
No caption needed

When we finally got to the restaurant, Mansoor decided that cable car will be a nice adventure to complete our adventurous day. It was an easy decision because we already had our 6km hike because we got lost😉. We took a ride down the mountain, what a thrill it was. I love my hiking life; it always feels like a mini holiday. We drove to the farmer’s market; I cannot go to Hartbeespoort and not go to this market. We went to eat waffles breakfast, nice way to end the adventurous day.


My anti-hiking friends always send me memes about hiking. My recent favorite one is ” I don’t know who needs to hear this but living your life to the fullest does not have to involve hiking” 🤣🤣🤣. Well friends I beg to differ, I am living my life to the fullest in the mountains.

How do I stay away from such beauty?

One hike at a time.

In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice ” I’ll be back” 😀

Stay Fabtastic!


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