The Pipe Track

Cape Town

Mini bucket list moment, since the beginning of this year I have been talking about how I would love to end 2022 with the Coastal hike. I spoke about it a lot, but I was in doubt that it will happen, the Universe listened, and my wish came true.

I was so excited as the time drew close to my trip, yet I didn’t even know if I will find people to go hike with. I was determined that I wouldn’t return from Cape Town without hiking. I was ready to rock up at Table Mountain and join any group. This was going to happen either way. Well lucky for me, or shall I say when the Universe conspired with me, everything fell into place, just like dominos. The excitement started building up after my trip was confirmed, felt like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Table Mountain ⛰
These flowers were everywhere.🥰

Well let me tell you how I got to find hiking buddies in Cape town, by chance I tell you. I was on the work call with colleague of mine(Patricia) who lives in Cape town. As we were chatting, I told her am looking for people to hike with as I am staying for the weekend in Cape Town. She said”, Oh, I have a group that I hike with every other weekend if we can”. I then asked if by any chance are hiking the weekend I am in Cape Town. The answer was Yes, and I was so excited. The next thing I know we were talking about how she is going to let everyone know in her group and include me in the communication for that Saturday. As they say the rest is history, I have made new friends. Shout out to everyone who was hiking with me that day. Thank you for welcoming me into your space. Great conversation, fun and laughter. Oh, by the way, I had to put out a disclaimer when we started hiking. I told the group that all they going to hear through the hike is uhhhh, ahhhh everytime I was looking around. I mean who can blame me, I was the only one in that group who was not from Cape Town. 😂. The beauty that surrounded us was too much to handle.

Cape Town harbour
Too many choices 😄

Now let’s talk about this beauty. OMG, where do I start. I was very excited about the whole day. Got up early in the morning and took an Uber to Table Mountain, I was going to meet up with everyone there. The weather was gorgeous, I was worried about the weather as Cape Town has 4 seasons in one day sometimes. I am happy to say, the weather played along that weekend. There’s lots of hiking trails around the Table Mountain, which I cannot wait to try one at the time. Patricia promised me a hike every time I am in Cape Town😊. We were hiking a trail called Pipe Track . We did just short of 10km, the trail is moderate, yet you can turn to different trails to climb up towards Table Mountain. Our path was gorgeous, hiked overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Camps Bay with its amazing white sandy beaches, and breathtaking Table Mountain on the other side. We kept on coming across clouds covering the mountain and clearing up, over and over again. Was the most beautiful thing to see, I was watching a movie. Experiencing Table Mountain from that trail was out of this world. These were my views throughout the hike. I mean what more could a girl ask for . My ohhhh, ahhhh’s didn’t take long to start coming out.😂. The pictures won’t not tell the real story, I get to experience South Africa in a different light through my hiking. I cannot wait to experience the world the same way. I have said it before, experiences stay with you wherever you go, even while writing up this blog, that Fabtastic day is playing in my mind like a movie . When we turned back towards going back to the base, we were in full view of Lions Head mountain, gorgeous.

Atlantic Ocean and Camp’s Bay
Lions Head

When we done with our hike everyone went their separate ways and Patricia offered me a lift back to my hotel. As we were walking to the car, we decided to take some pictures and selfies. This young gentleman (Thando) came to us excited asking us to take pictures of him with my phone. He works there at Table Mountain. He said,” I know that phone takes good pictures” Please take a few pictures of me and you send them to me”. At first, we thought he was joking. He told us he posts a lot, and he is also a radio dj for his local community radio station in Khayelitjha. We finally gave in, took pictures of him and he insisted on giving me his number and send his pictures right there. LOL. He even photo bombed our selfie, it was all in the name of fun. He was such a vibe and I promised to give him shoutout on my blog. As we drove off, he was already sending me link to his radio station and his time slots and posting the pictures on Whatsapp story. We drove away, found a coffee spot near my hotel and we sat there for a long time, had great conversation, watching people pass by. I love my life, I get to make great memories, meet lovely people along the way.

When you realise that your dream just came true😅
Thando the photo bomber
In coming @Patricia😃

It is safe to say, Cape Town was Fabtastic. To many more shenanigans in 2023.

Happy Fabtastic Holidays.


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