Fabtastic Year

This is by far my most proud post to write. I cannot believe it is a little over a year since I started blogging. Never in a million years did think I will still be blogging about my hiking experiences one year later, let alone enjoying it. I procrastinated for many years, doubting that I can write. It’s true when they say you don’t know what you’re capable of until you try it. I always told myself that I cannot write until one day I tried it. I found myself struggling with my first few posts. I had no confidence in what I was putting out there. Shoutout to my friend Nthabi, she sat with me on Zoom call for two hours to help me edit my first post. 😊I was counting on the authentic story I was telling. As weeks went by, I started becoming confident in my writing and the rest is history. Like cheese I am grate-full for your support, always coming back to my page to read about my hiking experiences. Thank you for the honest feedback. I am looking forward to another blogging year.

My happy place

Well back to my hiking shenanigans. 😂 I haven’t been on a hike for a month, and it felt like a year. I missed it so much, my catch and release, my happy place. Anyway, we went hiking at a place called Rustig in majestic Magaliesburg in the North West province. The place is situated 1hr and 15 minutes away from North of Johannesburg. It is a well- established family farm. It offers accommodation, and is ideal for functions as well. The place is tranquil, quiet, calm, peaceful and serene, exactly what the Dr ordered. I found out Rustig means exactly what I just described. I feel like every time I go hike in the Magalies I go on few hours holiday.

The Cave
Climbed this mountain ⛰️
Henry hugged a tree for the first time

We hiked 13km, the trail was hard and challenging here and there, it requires certain level of fitness. I found out that the original plan was to hike 18km, but that plan didn’t work out. Anyway, while we were hiking, Pumza pointed us to the ladder that was in the middle of nowhere, hanging on the cliff and said we would have had to use that ladder if we were hiking 18km. Mind you she tells us this while we are up, I mean up the mountain also on the cliff, one mistake you are gone. We looked at this ladder and Henry said, “Oh hell no”, glad we were not hiking 18km, I was not going to climb that, “he said”. So Pumza continued telling us that there is no other way but through that scary ladder. Henry was so funny, he said Pumza is bringing the team into disrepute, and he is not going to allow that. I laughed so much, at some point I even forgot that I was hiking. I found myself leading the pack and a few minutes in they realized I am off the track. Lol. This happens all the time by the way, I just lose focus and walk. I am known for this therefore I never go in front. Henry said I must admit to this mishap on this platform so that they have receipts. Well Henry here we are, I have admitted to it in writing. 😂😂

Luxury hotel😊air conditioner
That’s how high up we were

Pumza was the only person who hiked at this place few times and she has done the 18km. She was trying to convince us to come back for 18km which myself and the other guy Peter agreed to. Henry was not having it. This place had ladders everywhere, I even lost count of how many we had to go through, but they are not as scary as the 18km ones. We came across the green lash of trees, some sort of forest, as we walked through them, I felt the most amazing breeze, perfect temperature. I have never experienced such fresh crispy air. It felt like I am in a luxury hotel with a perfect air-con. The ground was soft as if I am walking on a fluffy carpet. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I thought to myself, how lucky I am to experience such. The air was so clean and crisp I could feel my lungs opening. No amount of explanation will make you understand what I felt . We kept on climbing and climbing and the terrain was not easy at all, loose rocks, we had to use our hands. At some point it felt like we were rock climbing. We came across a huge cave, beautiful rock formation, we were spoiled with amazing rock Art.

My imagination went wild looking at this rock😜
Insanely beautiful
Before the after 😉

Before I go, let me tell you a story about a burger. According to Pumza the farm’s restaurant sells awesome burgers. She started talking about this burger while we were about six kilometres into our hiking and we started salivating. We couldn’t wait to finish the hike and get to eat this burger. It is safe to say we finished hiking and got to the restaurant, no burger. We were in disbelief , apparently, they did not receive fresh minced meat to make the burgers. We were so disappointed as we were looking forward to dig in. We were ready to cry and kill someone, I won’t mention names. lol

“Dreams don’t have deadlines”-LL Cool J

I want to conquer mountains one adventure at a time.

On to the next adventure fabtastic people.


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  1. I enjoyed your post Moira, light reading… just want I needed over a glass of wine after a hectic day at work

    Buy the way, Henry and I are in the same running crew #smallworld


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