Kloofendal Nature Reserve

It’s been a while Fabtastic people, my birthday month kept me busy. Grateful for all the love I received, even though the love kept me away from mountains, LOL. Ahh! the mountains, nature, what can I say, I am hooked, cannot help myself.

She’s back😊

Went for a quick 5km hike in the West rand of Johannesburg, Kloofendal Nature Reserve. It was my first time to visit this lovely place with lots of history. I didn’t know that this Nature Reserve was one of the first in Johannesburg, also recognized as the place where gold was first mined in Johannesburg. The beauty of it all is that this old gold mine can be visited by appointment. I am going to make appointment soon to go experience this history. It is one of the reserves whereby the entrance is free. (Luther Vandross song come to mind-“Best things in life are free”.)

Part of the mine shaft
Cannot put price on what I get to experience . Press play and enjoy 😊
Peace ☮️
When a picture tells a thousand words 🥰

Hiking has really opened my eyes to so much I cannot even begin to explain. Every time I visit a new place, I discover more and experience more. It was fascinating for me to know that around the corner from where I live there is so much history. This Nature Reserve is 15 minutes away from where I live, and I cannot believe I have not visited it before. Let me tell you, even yesterday I wouldn’t have gone to this place. As life has it, we ended up here not by choice, but I am glad we ended up at this place.

Beautiful Johannesburg winter day

We were supposed to go to my favorite hiking province, North West, life happened we ended up at Kloofendal. I love the fact that we didn’t get deterred from our plan to go hike but found an alternative. It is a short hike but very interesting, me and Pumza kept on taking detours to challenge ourselves. I remember at some point we said let’s have some little adventure, we were crawling under dense trees and climbing rocks that were pretty much not supposed to be climbed on, we felt like naughty teenagers. I guess when you are out there its all about channeling your happy place and bringing out the child in you, it was so much fun.

Enjoying miracles of nature
Into the mountains I disappear 🫠

As Marie Davis has said-“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles”.

Until next time Fabtastic people


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